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  • Najat Maalla M’jid, MDExecutive Committee ECPC; Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, United Nations
  • Pia Rebello Britto, PhDVice-Chairperson ECPC; Global Chief and Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Development, UNICEF Headquarters
  • Nada Elattar, MPHSecretary ECPC; Early Childhood Development  Specialist – Emergencies, UNICEF Headquarters


  • Rima Salah, PhDChairperson ECPC; Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, served on the United Nations High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations, currently at the Yale Child Study Center, United States
  • Alejandro Acosta Ayerbe, EdD, General Director of International  Center for Education and Human Development, CINDE  Foundation, Colombia
  • H.E. Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury: Former Under-Secretary -General of the United Nations; Founder, Global Movement for The Culture  of Peace, United States
  • Andrew Claypole, MA, Senior Advisor, Officer SRSG Violence against Children, United Nations
  • Paul Connolly, PhD, Director of LINKS, The NIHR Global Health Research Group on Early Childhood Development for Peacebuilding, Lancaster University and Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland / United Kingdom
  • Siobhán Fitzpatrick, CBE, MBA, MSSC, CQSW, BSc, Chairperson, International Network on Peace Building for Young Children, Northern Ireland / United Kingdom
  • Suna Hanoz-Penney, MA, MPA, International Programs Director, AÇEV—Mother Child Education Foundation, Turkey
  • Franz J. Hartl, JD, University Webmaster, Yale University, United States
  • James F. Leckman, MD, PhD, Neison Harris Professor in the Child Study Center and Professor of Child Psychiatry, Psychiatry, Psychology and Pediatrics, Yale University, United States
  • Joanna Rubinstein, DDS, PhD, Chief Executive Officer,  World Childhood Foundation United States, Sweden / United States
  • Pauline Walmsley, MSc, Chief Executive Officer, Early Years - The organisation for young children, Northern Ireland / United Kingdom


  • Mohammed Abu-Nimer, PhD, Senior Advisor of  The International Dialogue Centre, Austria
  • Maria Pia Belloni, PhD, UN Representative for World Organization  for Early Childhood Education, Argentina; Chairperson, NGO Committee on Migration, United States
  • Anne-Claire de Liedekerke, MA, President, Make Mothers Matter, France
  • Liana Ghent, Director of the International Step-by-Step Association, The Netherlands
  • Tina Hyder, MSc, Deputy Director, Early Childhood Program, Open Society Foundations, United Kingdom
  • Ghassan Issa, MD, General Coordinator, Arab Network for Early Childhood Development, Lebanon
  • Ali Shaar, MD, Director, Palestinian Child Institute, Palestine
  • Paul Stephenson, MS, Technical Director, Child Protection and Participation–World Vision International, United Kingdom
  • Sherrie Westin, Dr. Honors, President, Social Impact and Philanthropy, Sesame Workshop, United States


  • Aditi Shrikhande, Secretariat ECPC, UNICEF Headquarters
  • N. Shemrah Fallon, Global Communications ECPC, Yale University, United States

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