Pauline Walmsley

Pauline Walmsley

Chief Executive Officer

Pauline is the Chief Executive Officer of Early Years - the organisation for young children. Formerly Early Years Deputy CEO, Pauline is a proven leader with a background in community development and over 20 years’ experience in senior management positions in Early Years.

Pauline is a founding member of the International Networking Group on Peace Building with young children and a member of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium.

Early Years is the largest organisation in Northern Ireland working with and for young children, to promote and develop high quality, evidence-informed early childhood services for young children, their families and communities. Its a non-profit making, membership-based organisation and have been working since 1965 for children aged 0 - 12 and their families. Early Years vision is to ensure all children are strong, competent and visible in their communities. All children are physically and psychologically healthy, eager to learn and respect those that are different.

Company documents

  1. The Media Initiative for Children Respecting Differences.
  2. A Cluster Randomised Trial Evaluation of the Media Initiative for Children (MIFC):
  3. Evaluation of the Media Initiative for Children Respecting Difference Programme in the Education Sector.
  4. International Toolkit Manual - For Practitioners Working with Young Children and Families in Regions Experiencing or Emerging From Conflict
  5. The International Networking Group on Peace Building with Young Children - Mapping of Programmes Being Delivered in Conflict Regions 

Associated links

  1. Too Young to Notice? The Cultural and Political Awareness of 3-6 Year Olds in Northern Ireland. The development of the initiative was greatly influenced by research ‘Too Young to Notice?’ carried out by Professor Paul Connolly from Queen’s University, Belfast which showed that by the age of six a significant proportion of children (1 in 6) in Northern Ireland are making sectarian and racial remarks. 
  2. ARNEC - The Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood. ARNEC is a network established to build strong partnerships across sectors and different disciplines, organisations, agencies and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region to advance the agenda on and investment in early childhood.

It is one of the most extensive and fast growing networks for early childhood development in the Asia-Pacific region, covering 47 countries and includes East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific sub-regions, as well as Central Asia to a small extent. 


  1. Early Childhood Matters Magazine  
  2. Child Development
  3. Early Childhood Development and Care  
  4. Journal of Early Childhood Development
  5. International Journal of Early Childhood


  1. Coordinator’s Notebook | Funding the Future: Strategies for Early Childhood Investment, Costing and Financing. Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development


  1. Early Child Development in Developing Countries 2011 (2 papers)
  2. Early Child Development in Developing Countries 2007 (4 papers)
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