Siobhan Fitzpatrick, PhD, CEO of Early Years presents at the 2014 UN High-level Forum ECPC lunch event. Photo: NS Fallon.



Keeping The Promise: Leave No One Behind! Social Protection Responses to Forcibly Displaced Children

Global experts from the ECPC and other prominent agencies demonstrate emerging evidence that comprehensive social protection for displaced children and families may foster resilience and support social cohesion by reducing tensions between displaced and host communities. (8 February 2024)

Early Childhood Development: Pathways to Sustainable Peace | ECPC UNGA-78 High-level Session (28 Sept 2023)

ECPC global experts demonstrate by evidence-based science and practice the importance of investing in Early Childhood Development (ECD) as a sustainable pathway to peace. 

Hope for the world’s most vulnerable children impacted by COVID-19. ECPCs presentation at the C20 Summit 2020 (10 Oct 2020)

This year's virtual C20 Summit, as predicted,  was the biggest virtual gather of thousands of civil society leaders and change makers in the G20 process! Watch the ECPC panel session recording to learn how investing in early childhood care and education can combat COVID-19’s short- and long-term impact on children living among conflict, war, and displacement.

International Conference on Early Childhood

The Palestinian Institute for Childhood launched the International Conference on Childhood, entitled "Children, Hope, Peace". The conference "formed an opportunity to gather high-level experiences in the field of childhood to advance the realities of childhood in Palestine" that is under occupation. (2019, Nov 4-5) 

No Street Address. The global magnitude of children's homelessness

Report on the side event at the 58th U.N. Commission on Social Development addresses the detrimental effects of homelessness on the world’s most vulnerable and stresses the critical role of Early Childhood Development in building more cohesive and inclusive societies. (17 February 2020)

No Street Address. The impact of homelessness on single mothers and their children

Report on the side event at the 58th U.N. Commission on Social Development addresses the harmful effects of homelessness on single mothers and their children that can be mitigated by improved shelter systems, innovative support programs including access to education, and good governance. (Co-sponsored by the ECPC, 18 February 2020)
This resource section provides knowledge sharing products that have been produced from ECPC hosted events and conferences.


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