Little girl exploring nature by magnifier.

Emerging areas of science & innovation

Emerging areas of science & innovation

Little boy exploring nature by magnifier.
Little boy exploring nature by magnifier. © szefei, 123RF Images


Considerable progress has been made in understanding the importance of early childhood development for the child’s long-term health, academic and economic outcomes.  However, at present, there is only a limited understanding of how early childhood development services can support the prevention of violence and promote more peaceful families and societies.

 Some of the the domains that are now being addressed in this emerging area of science include:

  • How can we best to measure peace and social cohesion within families and communities?
  • What efforts are also underway to examine the role of fathers, across cultures and how best to engage them in parenting programs?
  • What are the factors that influence a child’s resilience to toxic stress and adversity?
  • How can we best empower youth leaders?
  • Finally, another potentially promising area of research concerns the promise of using biomarkers. 

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Additional information relating to this work area will be provided as it becomes available.

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