Listen to greetings from ECPC Chair, Rima Salah.

"It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Early Childhood Peace Consortium website. The Consortium was launched on September 2013 at UNICEF headquarters. This is to bring the contribution of science on early childhood development as a path to peace to the international community debate on peacebuilding. It established a network and a unified group of stakeholders around the goal of reducing and preventing violence against children, recognizing the power of investing in the early years to build peaceful societies. The ECPC is founded on the idea that the global community must address the root causes of violence and conflict and that families and children can be agents of change for peace. Join us to build an inclusive movement for peace, social justice and prevention of violence through using early childhood development strategies that enable the world community to advocate peace, security and sustainable development. This is an online resource to help you build with 'blocks of peace' for the children of the world, and I thank you."

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OUR MISSION ~ The promise of the ECPC is to join forces with the international community by creating a global movement to build more peaceful homes and societies, drawing on the experience of early childhood development and the transformative power of children and families, pillared by science- and practice-based evidence.

Work areas

Syrian girl in refugee camp (Suruc, Turkey) holds peace hand sign.

Building 'The Culture of Peace'

  • ‘Culture of Peace’/paths to peace

  • Empowering children & families

  • Ecology & biology of peace

  • PBEA Learning for Peace

  • Interfaith/intercultural dia...

Maasai children in school in Tanzania, Africa.

Child development programs across the globe

  • The promise of early child development (ECD)
  • Exemplars: ECD programs
  • ECD program designs/evaluations
Newborn lifted in father's hands.

What science says

  • The Beginning of Life (DOCU)
  • Pathways to Peace (MIT Press)
  • Children & families can build a more peaceful world (NDCAD)
  • Advancing early childhood development 
Child refugee looking toward the sky and a hopeful future (Turkey).

Theory of change

  • Ending cycles of violence
  • Theory of change: ECD to peace
  • Promoting evidence-based policy
  • Economic benefits of ECD investments
  • Institutional capacity development
Hopeful refugee father holds his young daughter (Serbian - Croatina border).

Raising hope for vulnerable children & families

  • ECPC Call to Action COVID-19 
  • Violence prevention/peace promotion
  • Child protection & advocacy
  • Child refugees & migrants
  • Child trafficking
Little boy exploring nature by magnifier.

Emerging areas of science & innovation

  • Emerging areas of science
  • Global & regional networks
  • Low- & middle-income country interventions
  • Power/role of media & technology
  • Empowering youth leaders

Our partners


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