ECPC Pledge to Action for Peace

ECPC Pledge to Action for Peace


How we nurture and care for, teach and protect all our children matters, from generation to generation. 

The promise of ECPC is to bring on the path to peace and development, the experience of early childhood development. This can be accomplished by linking emerging knowledge from biobehavior and environment sciences with existing scientific evidence, increasing investment in and advocating for the creation of local and sustainable programs as well as policies and systems for peacebuilding and the reduction of violence, through early childhood development programs.

We have the science, the knowledge, technology, and experience to build a world without violence. What we need is an unfailing vision and an unwavering commitment by the global community, as well as a strong partnership for and with children and their families.

There is no better time than now to unite our strengths to erect the building blocks of a peaceful future for all children. Let us raise children to be global citizens and drivers of the culture of peace!

Be part of this global movement and join the ECPC Pledge to Action for Peace!

Rima Salah, Chair ECPC

To learn more, read journal article “Global Citizenship and the Role of the United Nations: The Promise of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium”, by Rima Salah, PhD.



Total Number of Pledges: 61

The following people have pledged:

Alejandro Acosta, CINDE, Colombia
Jennifer H. Alves, Stratford, CT Public Schools, USA
Nick Appleby, Yale University, USA
Juanita Ayala, WCNS, USA
Maria Pia Belloni Mignati, NGO Committee on Migration, World Organization Early Childhood Education, USA
Sarah Brockett, Phyllis Bodel Childcare Center, USA
Paul Connolly, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Ayse Kubra Coskun, Yale University, USA
Caroline Costello, Graduate Student, USA
Eileen G. Costello, Danbury School Readiness Council, USA
Joao Da Costa, UNICEF, Timor-Leste
Nyrese Davis, Gateway Community College, USA
Tammy Donath, Community Health Resources (CHR), USA
Laura Dunne, Queen’s University Belfast , Northern Ireland
Nada Elattar, Unicef , United States
Shemrah Fallon, Yale Child Study Center, USA
Donald Filer, Yale University , USA
Catarina Furmark, Nordic Association for Infant Mental Health, Sweden
Michael Gaffrey, Duke University, USA
Sarah Genn, Gateway Community College, USA
Nelly Gonzalez Nava, Gateway Community College, USA
Franz Hartl, Yale University , USA
Elsa Jones, Post University, USA
Meghan Kellner, Aga Khan Development Network , Tajikistan
Kaveh Khoshnood, Yale faculty , USA
Will Kneerim, IRIS- Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, United States
James Leckman, Yale University, United States
Hillel Levine, International Center for Conciliation, USA
Amalia Londono, Yale University, USA/Colombia
Kristin Lund, Housatonic Community College, USA
Tori Lussier, Community Health Resources (CHR), USA
LouAnn Martucci, Phyllis Bodel Childcare Center, USA
Sarah Miller, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland
ChrisAnn Miranda, Leila Day Preschool New Haven, USA
Patty O'Hanlon, Westville Community Nursery School, USA
Anne Olcott, Westville Community Nursery School, USA
Sebastian Perumbilly, Southern Connecticut State University, USA
Robin Pierce, TVCCA Head Start, USA
Jane McCall Politi, NGO Committee on Migration, Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas, France/USA
Angelica Ponguta, Yale University, United States
Sophie Rasmussen
Kara Roxbee, Leila Day, USA
Marie Russell, Post University, USA
Issaka Sagara, University of Bamako (USTTB), Mali
Tina Salcedo, N. L. Youth Affairs, USA
Kim Sansevero, Phyllis Bodel Childcare Center, USA
Aditi Shrikhande, UNICEF, India
Elif Goksu Simsek, Yale College, Turkey
Dorothy Stubbe, Yale Child Study Center, USA
DOUGLAS STUROMSKI, World Wide Peace Bell Foundation, United States
Nidhi Taneja, UConn Pediatric Dentistry, India/USA
Yaya Togo, University of Bamako, Mali
Yaya Togo, University of Bamako, Mali
Carmelita Valencia-Daye, Gateway Community College, USA
Savita Varde-Naqri, Development Communication Specialist (ex-UNICEF), India
Natalie Vieira, All Our Kin, USA
Lawrence Vitulano, Yale School of Medicine, USA
Michael Vitulano, University of Washington, USA
Lynn R. Walsh, Universal Peace Federation / NGO Committee on the Family, NY /UN, USA
Alexa Fish Ward, Women's Federation for World Peace, International, USA
Sherrie Westin, Sesame Workshop, USA


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