Global & regional networks on early childhood development

Children lift Earth ball up to the sky.
Children lift Earth ball up to the sky. © Marilyn Gould | Dreamstime Images


Urgent action is needed. Millions of children are being denied of the opportunity to develop to their full potential and lead happy and productive lives. Momentum is growing to establish and sustain national, regional, and global networks to develop a common voice to advocate for Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs. Indeed, if we are to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, there is a clear need to establish multi-sectorial partnerships to bring together ECD stakeholders. We need to work together.

Featured in this section are global and regional networks that seek to share knowledge with policy-makers, government officials, international and non-governmental organizations, scholars, practitioners, communities and families to develop innovative approaches to ensure access to quality ECD services for all. 

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Additional information relating to this work area will be provided when it becomes available.

Topics & initiatives


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