Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC)

Happy Vietnamese children hold hand peace signs.
Happy Vietnamese children hold hand peace signs. © Hoxuanhuong | Dreamstime Images


The Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) is a network established to build strong partnerships across sectors and different disciplines, organisations, agencies and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region to advance the agenda on and investment in early childhood.

It is one of the most extensive and fast growing networks for early childhood development in the Asia-Pacific region, covering 47 countries and includes East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Pacific sub-regions, as well as Central Asia to a small extent.

Policy Change in Early Childhood in the Asia Pacific Region“ is a special issue in the International Journal of Early Childhood The special issue, edited by ARNEC Steering Committee Members, Professor Nirmala Rao and Dr. Emma Pearson,  features various informative articles, including:
  1. Early Learning and Development Standards in East Asia and the Pacific Experiences from Eight Countries (Miyahara & Meyers, 2008)
  2. Early Childhood Development Policy and Programming in India: Critical Issues and Directions for Paradigm Change (Sharma, Sharma Sen & Gulati, 2008)
  3. Asia Pacific Regional Early Childhood Policy Review (Evans, 2008)

The International Journal of Early Childhood is a blind, peer reviewed journal with a circulation of approximately 2,000. This represents individual members, organizations, and libraries in over seventy countries throughout the world. The journal is distributed twice yearly and features articles in English, French, and Spanish.

Contributor: Siobhán FitzpatrickCBE, MBA, MSSC, CQSW, BSc., serves as Executive Committee Member to the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC). She is Chief Executive Officer of Early Years – the organization for young children in Northern Ireland.


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