Nada Elattar

Nada Elattar

Vice Chair / Secretary
Early Childhood Development Specialist - Emergencies

Nada Elattar serves as the Team Lead - Early Childhood Development - UNICEF, Uganda.  As former Early Childhood Development (ECD) Specialist at UNICEF, Headquarters in New York, she focused on ECD in emergency contexts globally. Nada has also served as former Senior Director of Educational Programs, International Social Impact at Sesame Workshop. With a background in education, public health and communications, Nada has lead teams that develop and implement large scale early childhood initiatives that span across the globe.

In addition to her roles at UNICEF and Sesame Workshop, Nada has worked for a number of prestigious international organizations. Namely, as a communication and research advisor at the UN World Health Organization’s - Mediterranean Center for Disaster Risk Reduction in Tunis, Tunisia. While in Tunisia, Nada also served as an English Language Instructor for the America Middle East Education and Training Services Inc. (AMIDEAST) and as a writer/editor for the local UNICEF office in Tunis. Other positions include Communications Advisor in Cairo, Egypt for the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Communication Program’s - Communication for Healthy Living project, and Communications Officer for the UN’s World Food Programme. Nada has also worked for various higher education organizations including the University of California – San Francisco, Johns Hopkins University and the American University in Cairo.

Nada holds a Bachelors of Science in Health Education from San Francisco State University and a Masters of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University-Blomberg School of Public Health. Nada speaks English and Arabic fluently and has basic knowledge of French and Spanish. Nada’s interests include Early Childhood Development, Public Health, Peace Building and Social Cohesion and hobbies include hiking, biking, soccer, volleyball, creative writing, drawing and walking her dog.

Ms. Ellatar’s support staff is Aditi Shrikhande,


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