N. Shemrah Fallon

N. Shemrah Fallon

Global Communications
Director, ECPC Global Communications

N. Shemrah Fallon has managed ECPC Global Communications since 2015.

She has participated in child and adolescent social and mental health research for the past 20 years at the Yale Child Study Center in project coordination and technological capacities. Her project coordination and management activities have included: large scale, longitudinal assessments to identify socially and emotionally at-risk school youth to inform intervention development for positive outcomes with a focus on efficacy of science to practice translation to increase comprehension and utilization of findings among school administrations; and a complex tri-state assessment to understand issues of identity development of Muslim and Arab children growing up in the US to raise awareness at educational and policy-making levels. 

Ms. Fallon has a background in retail management and freelance public relations.

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