Paul Stephenson

Paul Stephenson

Advisory Board Member
Senior Director, Child Development and Rights

Paul Stephenson has worked in international relief and development for over 20 years, specializing in child development, education, child rights and community development. Paul has worked in Latin America; Africa and Asia with southern based NGOs and Tearfund UK. He coordinated education reform for indigenous groups, and disaster response following Hurricane Mitch in Honduras; managed community services for the most vulnerable groups in the refugee camps in Tanzania following the Rwandan genocide, and conducted participatory research with working children in India and South Asia.

Paul currently leads the Child Development and Rights technical cluster for World Vision International. The cluster includes sector work on Child Development; Child Protection; Child Participation; Child Rights; Disability; Gender and Spiritual Development, as well as a research and learning unit.

He has written and edited numerous works, including Questioning the Basis of Our Work: Christianity, Children’s Rights and Development (2004) and Child Participation (2004). Paul currently lives in Thaxted, Essex in the UK and is married to Lisa, actor and singer songwriter, and has two children Frank and Ava.

Recommended Reading:

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