Achieving Women’s Empowerment, Early Childhood Development & Care; A Two-Generational Win-Win

March 27, 2021


On 17 February, OMEP, The World Organization for Early Childhood Education, held a parallel event at the sixty fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW65) titled, ‘Achieving Women’s Empowerment and Early Childhood Development and Care: A Two-Generational Win-Win’. The event saw an interactive panel of four experts amplify the benefits of investing in children’s early years of life as a means to achieving gender equity, more peaceful societies, and two-generational outcomes that advance the empowerment and dignity of both women and children. Despite important progress, women have not achieved economic equality with men; they are still more likely than men to live in poverty. Millions of their children experience malnutrition, hunger and are forced to beg or work.

 Learn more about the NGOCSW65 Forum.

Forum speakers

Rima Salah, PhD—Chairperson Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)

  • “Investing in the early years of life: A doble dividend towards the realization of gender equality and children’s rights”

Mercedes Mayol Lassalle—OMEP World President

  • “Achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls from early childhood”

Raul Mercer—ISSOP member, Member of the Lancet-UNICEF-WHO Commission: A Future for the World’s Children

  • “Promoting gender equity and rights from the start. A life course perspective”
Anne-Claire de Liedekerke—President Make Mothers Matter (MMM); member ECPC
  • “Valuing unpaid early childhood education and care for development and peace, children and women’s rights”


Jessica Essary, PhD— UN representative on behalf of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education

►Read the Parallel Event Concept Note to learn more about the forum speakers.


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