A Tribute to Edward Zigler 1930-2019: The Man, His Work, His Legacy (founder of Head Start)

September 9, 2022

“A celebration of life for Yale Sterling Professor Ed Zigler (1930-2019). The tribute brings to life Ed’s legacy, charisma, and humor with video and audio clips by family, former students, colleagues, and associates. The video was premiered on 9/13/22 at Yale’s Child Study Center with a live audience.

“Ed Zigler was my mentor, teacher, and friend,” said Yale President Peter Salovey in a statement. “His work has been inspirational to me and many others in my field, and his influence well beyond our field has been profound. He was a fine example of how science and policy can join hands for the benefit of many.” (See: https://youtu.be/5khF1dTL5Ck)

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ECPC News on Medium. A giant in his field: A global tribute to the life & legacy of child welfare pioneer, Edward ZiglerBy Bekir B. Artukoglu, Michael F. McCarthy, and N. Shemrah Fallon, ECPC News (Mar 24, 2021)

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