►Part II: ECD Programming for Peacebuilding - NIHR Delegation Panel | Laura Dunne, Queen’s Univ Belfast (ECPC affiliate)

April 16, 2019

“There is a saying in Irish,”We are strongest when we work together”. And, I really feel in my heart that this is what this whole community is helping us to do.”


Presenting Part II “Panel Discussion: Supporting the Development of ECD Programs for Peacebuilding: Experience from the NIHR Global Health Research Group on ECD for Peacebuilding (LINKS) “. This panel discussion brings together research team members from Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste and Vietnam to explore the challenges faced by country teams in developing programmes aimed to identify opportunities for early childhood development (ECD) and peace building in each country. The insights offered by those “on the ground” provide important learning opportunities for those of us working to enhance ECD services and advance peace building in conflict affected areas across the globe.
Moderated by QUB study investigator, Laura Dunne, PhD, Associate Professor of Education at Queen’s University Belfast
Watch Part I of this presentation“Overview: Supporting the Development of ECD Programs for Peacebuilding: Experience from the NIHR Global Health Research Group on ECD for Peacebuilding” by NIHR research study investigators, Professors Paul Connolly and Sarah Miller, Queen’s University Belfast.
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6 Part II. Delegation Panel discussion: Supporting the development of ECD programs for peacebuilding: Experiences from the NIHR Global Health Research Group
dunne et al, Queen’s Univ belfast
  • Moderator:  Learn more about ECPC affiliate, Laura Dunne, PhD, Associate Professor of Education at Queen’s University Belfast and her expertise and work in program evaluation and design.
  • Delegation panelists(To learn more, click on the name of each panelist below.)
    • Inas Hegazi, PhDis the ECD Manager at UNICEF Egypt Country Office. She is recognized for her expertise in policy development, advocacy and sector wide reforms for promoting the rights of children as established under the CRC and other international frameworks. 

    • Chinara Dzhumagulova, PhD, is ECD Officer at UNICEF Kyrgyzstan Country Office. She has 29 years of experience in the areas of education and youth program development, teacher training and management, advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation. 

    • Isaaka Sagara, MD, Head Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Data Management Unit, Malaria Research and Training CNT, University Bamako-USTTB, Mali

    • Jamshed Kurbonov, MSSW, is Education Officer at UNICEF Tajikistan Country Office. He is responsible for ensuring overall efficiency and effectiveness of the early childhood education programme management, delivery and accomplishment through effective planning, monitoring and evaluation, and partnership initiatives, including strengthening the capacity of education authorities and stakeholders to implement programmes that facilitate provision of accessible, inclusive and quality ECE services. 

    • Joao da Costa, MBA, is Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, UNICEF Timor-Leste Country Office. His areas of professional skills include Programme Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity building on Results Based Management (RBM), Human Rights-Based Approach to Programming, and more. 

    • Phan Thi Thu Hien, MD, Dean ECD Department, Ho Chi Minh City Univ of Education, Vietnam

Learn more about the Queen’s University Belfast, LINKS broader program of work and associated material.


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This ECPC event was organized by and made possible with support from Queen’s University Belfast LINKS, Yale University, UNICEF and the ECPC.


Distinguished ECPC affiliated presenters join us from the halls of Yale University (Child Study Center, the MacMillan Center for Area Studies, Web Services) Queen’s University Belfast, the United Nations, The Global Movement for The Culture of Peace, UNICEF, Sesame Workshop, ACEV-Mother Child Education Foundation, IRIS-Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, and the NGO Committee on Migration.


The ECPC was established to grow a global movement for peace, social justice and prevention of violence through using evidence-informed strategies to enable the world community to advance peace, security and sustainable development. We must address root causes of violence and conflict, and we must empower children and families to be agents of change to advance social cohesion and peace. 


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