Jamshed Kurbonov, MSSW

Education Officer
UNICEF Tajikistan

Mr. Jamshed Kurbonov is an Education Officer at UNICEF

in Tajikistan, where Mr. Kurbonov is responsible for ensuring overall efficiency and effectiveness of the early childhood education programme management, delivery and accomplishment through effective planning, monitoring and evaluation, and partnership initiatives, including strengthening the capacity of education authorities and stakeholders to implement programmes that facilitate provision of accessible, inclusive and quality ECE services. Mr. Kurbonov has a master’s degree in the field of Social Enterprise Administration from Columbia University School of Social Work in the city of New York.

Mr. Kurbonov provides technical expertise to national and international education stakeholders to strengthen national policy, legislation and advocates for adoption of clear regulatory framework enabling provision of affordable and quality early learning opportunities for marginalized children. 

Mr. Kurbonov lives in Tajikistan with his wife and two children, a son and a daughter. To contact Mr. Kurbonov, send him an email or go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamshed-kurbonov-96087238.

Recommended reading:

UNICEF (2018). Learning for Peace narratives from the field: A compendium of programme statistics 2012/2016. A UNICEF Peace Building  Education Advocacy (PBEA) ECD case from Tajikistan.​

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