►Knowledge Brokering: Translating ECD Research into Policy & Practice | Yale, Empatico, ACEV, UNICEF

April 11, 2019


This presentation features key publications sponsored by the ECPC, as well as published research that has been mobilized/inspired by the ECPC agenda. Panelists discuss the scope of a few selected publications and the way in which agencies may translate the outcomes of the research into practice. The discussion includes the conceptualization and evolution of the theory of change for the ECPC and features mechanisms for its framing and dissemination.  

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Meet the knowledge brokering session panelists/publications
Ponguta, donaldson, hanoz-penny, affolter

Session Chair. Angelica Ponguta, PhD, MPH  is an Associate Research Scientist in the Yale Child Study Center, and ECPC Expert Consultant. Angelica Ponguta is Associate Research Scientist at the Yale Child Study Center. Her research focuses on the development and analysis of Early Childhood Development policies and has worked alongside UNICEF and governments in East and West Africa, South East Asia, Eastern and Central Europe and Latin America. Her work also focuses on impact and process evaluations of early childhood and parenting programs, as well as the development of measures to assess the quality of services for young children at scale. 

Session panelists:

Chelsea Donaldson, MS is Data and Research Manager at Empatico, and ECPC Expert Consultant. Chelsea Donaldson, MSc is the Data and Research Manager at Empatico, a free education tool aiming to build meaningful relationships among children around the world through virtual connections. Donaldson also works with UNICEF and the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) to produce research and advocacy materials that link early childhood development programs, conflict prevention, and peacebuilding. Before this, she was a Fulbright scholar in the Netherlands conducting research on autism spectrum disorders.

Suna Hanoz-Penny, MA is Director of International Programs at ACEV - Mother Child Education Foundation, Turkey, and Member, ECPC Executive Committee. Suna Hanöz-Penney works as the Director of International Programs at ACEV— Mother Child Education Foundation in Istanbul. Turkey. Her work involves building collaborative partnerships, while she manages the transfer and implementation of ACEV’s educational programs to local organizations in numerous countries including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Lao PDR, and Brazil. She designs and supervises the early intervention programs for children and families implemented at both the national and international fields. Suna is a Fulbright Scholar, received her dual M.A. in Early Childhood Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and holds a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and Psychological Guidance & Counseling from Boğazici University, Istanbul. She is presently pursuing a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School.  

Friedrich Affolter, EdD, is an Education Expert for Risk-Informed Programming at UNICEF NY Programme Division. He also serves as Secretary of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium [ECPC]. Until June 2016, Friedrich Affolter served as the manager of UNICEF’s Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme (PBEA), which designed education programmes that contribute to the mitigation of drivers of conflict in 14 fragile and post-conflict countries. Earlier UN assignments include Sudan, South Africa, Angola and Afghanistan. 

ECPC publications:

  1. Donaldson, C., F. Affolter, L. A. Ponguta, R. Salah, P. R. Britto, J. F. Leckman, P. Connolly, S. Fitzpatrick, and P. Walmsley. (2018). Contributions of Early Childhood Development Programming to Sustainable Peace and Development. New York City: Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC).
  2. Donaldson, Chelsea. (2017). Contributions of Early Childhood Development Services to Preventing Violent Conflict and Sustaining Peace [Eng, Ara, Fre, Spa, Tur], Edited by Liliana Angelica Ponguta, Friedrich Affolter and Pia Rebello Britto. Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC).
  3. L.Angelica Ponguta; C. Donaldson; F. Affolter; P. Connolly; L. Dunne; S. Miller; P. Britto; R. Salah; J. Leckman. (2018). Early childhood development programs, peacebuilding, and the Sustainable Development Goals: Opportunities for interdisciplinary research and multisectoral partnerships. In: Verma S., Petersen A. (eds) Developmental Science and Sustainable Development Goals for Children and Youth. Social Indicators Research Series, vol 74. Springer, Cham.
  4. Leckman, J. F.C. Panter-Brick, and R. Salah. Pathways to Peace: The Transformative Power of Children and Families. Vol. 15. Cambridge MA US / London UK: MIT Press, 2014.
  5. Yale University and ACEV Partnership. (2012). Ecology of peace: Formative childhoods and peace building. A brief note. New Haven, CT and Istanbul, Turkey: Yale-ACEV Partnership.


Watch 14 compelling talks by 25 world champions in evidence-based science and practice, education, human migration, web technology and media. Learn why they join together in expertise to pave a road to hope and build pathways to peace through the transformative power of children and families. Hear them sound the global call to action as they launch the ECPC Pledge to Action for Peace. 
  • Be informedMeet the conference presenters who share with you their knowledge, generated from the front lines of this burgeoning field of peacebuilding through early childhood development (ECD). Read their biographies and access additional learning materials.
  • Get involved. Help us pave the road to hope and The Culture of Peace by sharing these series videos with your friends and colleagues.
  • Build peace! Take the ECPC Pledge of Action for Peace, launched by conference speaker, Miss Lames Abdelrahman, IRIS Refugee Ambassador from The Sudan.


This ECPC event was organized by and made possible with support from Queen’s University Belfast LINKS (link is external), Yale University, UNICEF and the ECPC.


Distinguished ECPC affiliated presenters join us from the halls of Yale University (Child Study Center, the MacMillan Center for Area Studies, Web Services) Queen’s University Belfast, the United Nations, The Global Movement for The Culture of Peace, UNICEF, Sesame Workshop, ACEV-Mother Child Education Foundation, IRIS-Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, and the NGO Committee on Migration.


The ECPC was established to grow a global movement for peace, social justice and prevention of violence through using evidence-informed strategies to enable the world community to advance peace, security and sustainable development. We must address root causes of violence and conflict, and we must empower children and families to be agents of change to advance social cohesion and peace. 




-Video produced by Adrian Cerezo and Madeline Klutz, in collaboration with Friedrich Affolter and Chelsea Donaldson.

-Royalty freemusic by Kai Engle. Voice talent by Lone Butler


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