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According to the ECPC issue brief “Contributions of Early Childhood Development Services to Preventing Violent Conflict and Sustaining Peace”, early childhood development (ECD) services that are based on the aspects of nurturing care can strengthen resilience and foster prosocial behaviors in children and caregivers. Featured in this section are ECD services and programs that can also be leveraged as social platforms for engaging conflicting sociocultural, ethnic or religious identity groups in joint programming efforts towards shared goals.

In December 2017, the Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund of the World Bank Group launched the Toolkit for Measuring Early Child Development in Low and Middle Income Countries. This is a useful toolkit that reviews 147 instruments and provides guidelines on choosing, administering, and interpreting instruments for children 0-8 years of age. It also includes an interactive measurement guide. However, its coverage of many domains relevant to peacebuilding and social cohesion within the family is limited.

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