Too young to notice? - N. Ireland

The cultural and political awareness of 3-6 year olds in Northern Ireland
Young children on bicycles (N. Ireland).
Young children on bicycles (N. Ireland). © Courtesy Early Years - The organisation for young children


The development of the initiative was greatly influenced by research ‘Too Young to Notice?’ carried out by Professor Paul Connolly from Queen’s University, Belfast which showed that by the age of six a significant proportion of children (1 in 6) in Northern Ireland are making sectarian and racial remarks.

Contributor: Paul Connolly, Ph.D., serves on the ECPC Executive Committee. He is Professor of Education and Dean of Research for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast. He is also Director of the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation that supports the development and rigorous evaluation of programmes in education, social care and public health; including a significant number of ECD programmes.


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