Una - Global Learning Initiative on Children & Ethnic Diversity

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Una is a global and inter-disciplinary network of leading researchers, policy-makers and practitioners who are committed to reducing racial and ethnic divisions and conflicts and building socially inclusive and respectful communities through the promotion of effective early childhood programs.

There have been 12 papers prepared by Una’s learning group. These working papers are intended to share existing learning in relation to research and practice with regard to the development of programs aimed at promoting respect for ethnic diversity among young children. As such they are intended to provide a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners working in this area.

Una Working Papers

Program Development Learning Group

Paper 1: Addressing Bias and Prejudices in the Early Years: Historical and Conceptual Backgrounds

Paper 2: Early Childhood Services in Contexts of Ethnic Divisions

Peacebuilding Learning Group

Paper 3: A Programmatic Framework for Early Childhood Organisations Developing Programmes in Conflict Affected Regions              

Paper 4: The forthcoming second paper will build upon the first by mapping how the programmatic framework outlined in Working Paper 9 might be applied in practice in relation to a number of case studies of conflict affected regions around the world.

Qualitative Methods Learning Group

Paper 5: Researching ‘Race’ and Ethnicity with Children: Qualitative Research Approaches, Methods, Techniques and Findings 

Paper 6: Researching ‘Race’ and Ethnicity with Children in the Field: A Critical Appraisal of Qualitative Research Approaches, Methods and Techniques

Quantitative Evaluation Learning Group

Paper 7: Measuring Prejudice in Children: Overview and Recommendations  

Paper 8: Positive and Negative Intergroup Contact among Children and its Effects on Attitudes

Children’s Rights Learning Group

Paper 9: Children’s Rights in Una and Beyond: Transnational Perspectives

Paper 10: Children’s Rights in Cultural Contexts             

Social Change Learning Group

Paper 11: Early Childhood Development and Social Change Concept papers

Paper 12: Early Childhood Development and Social Change

Contributor: Siobhán FitzpatrickCBE, MBA, MSSC, CQSW, BSc., serves as Executive Committee Member to the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC). She is Chief Executive Officer of Early Years – the organization for young children in Northern Ireland.


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