The Story of “Seeds of Peace”: ECPC Anthem Song for Hope | ECPC • UNICEF • UNGA-78

November 20, 2023

The Story …

It takes an inspired village of lyricists, composers, conductors, musicians, scientists, clinicians, philanthropists, and a choir of impassioned youth to premier a song of hope for a more just and peaceful world, fit for all children, and their generations to come.

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78TH Session of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Session (Morning)

“Early Childhood Development: Pathways to Sustainable Peace”

28 September 2023

(See: Program Brochure)

“Seeds of Peace” Afternoon Reception and Musical Performance

UNICEF House, 3 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY

Danny Kaye Visitor’s Center

Master of Ceremonies:>

  • Dr. Chemba Raghavan—Senior Adviser for Early Childhood Development, UNICEF; Global Vice-Chairperson for the Early Childhood Peace Consortium

Opening Remarks:

  • Ms. June Kunugi—Director, Public Partnerships Division, UNICEF

The Story Tellers “Seeds of Peace” Song for Hope

  • Kyle D. Pruett—Clinical Professor Child Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine; Co-Director, Supporting Father Involvement; Member, ECPC Research Division; Tenor Soloist
  • Geoffrey Hudson—Composer (Vocal, chamber, orchestra, film)
  • Rubén Rodríguez—Director, All-City-Choir; Director, The Music in Schools Initiative at the Yale School of Music

World Premier Performance “Seeds of Peace”

  • Lyrics - Marcia Pruett
  • Music - Geoffrey Hudson
  • Director - Rubén Rodríguez

Made possible with support from:

  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  • The Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)
  • The New Haven CT Public Schools
  • The Yale School of Music - Music in Schools Initiative
  • The Yale Class of 57’
  • The Yale Glee Club
  • The Yale Alumni Chorus “Seeds of Peace”


  • Tenor Soloist - Kyle D. Pruett 
  • Music in Schools Initiative All-City Choir, New Haven CT Public Schools
  • Choir Conductor - Alysoun Kegel
  • Pianist - Anyi Cai


  • Alice Asael, Christian Ayapantecatl, Dante Castillo. Darnell Charles. Christianne Charles, Halo T. E. Daniels, Sanchita Dollin, Bethany Edwards, Ximena Gonzalez, Abigail Gonzalez, Jordan Housen, DeShawn Jordan, Sophia Korn, Zoe Kraus, Andres Layedra, Alice Likitranusorn, Wesley McBride, Benji (MarriAna) Melillo, Anya Mundle, Maya Nakhimovsky, Denise Ortiz, Benites Jaitham Osler, Cyra Osler, Stephanie Pallo, Ava Palmer, Sean (Si-Won) Park, Nora Peaper, Amina Ramazanova, Tiffany Scott, Eileen Shao, Andrew Stefanovics, Melanie Tohom Cruz, Ana Paula Torrealba, Genesis Torrealba, Eliana Torres, Paulina Von Blume, Albert Wang, Jahnae Whitaker Guest, Lucy White, and Anna B. Zempoaltecatl


  • Videographer/Editor - Alaa Seoudy
  • Ending music - Audio Jungle “Taking the Reins”


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