Early Childhood Development Index 2030. A New Tool to Measure SDG Indicator 4.2.1 (UNICEF Data)

November 28, 2020

A New Tool to Measure SDG Indicator 4.2.1

In 2015, early childhood development became part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals include a commitment to ensure that, by the year 2030, all children will have equitable access to quality early childhood development and early learning opportunities.
SDG indicator 4.2.1 was chosen to specifically monitor the impact of government action towards this target, and UNICEF was tasked to lead the development of a measure to track progress.
That same year, UNICEF initiated a process of methodological development that involved extensive consultations with experts, partner agencies and national statistical authorities. Over the following five years, a sequence of carefully planned technical activities were executed, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative methods to identify the best items to measure indicator 4.2.1. This process led to the development of the ECDI2030.

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