VIRTUAL CONFERENCE | ECD under COVID-19: A global and local perspective

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Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
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Virtual conference


The international conference on Early Childhood Development (ECD) will bring together experts from different corners of the globe to share experience, start dialogue and partnership to addressing ECD issues globally, in Palestine and the region in times of COVID-19. 
Keynote speakers will bring firsthand knowledge and wisdom from UN, academic and ECD programs and will address innovative theories and approaches to child development and growth.
Learning from the experience of international speakers representing countries living in or emerging from conflict will help exchange ideas and provoke dialogue on successful interventions responding to the needs of children under emergencies. The conference will be a remarkable opportunity to link Palestinian ECD programs with those in other areas of the world and open the way for learning and networking. 
TIME: 18:00-20:00 Jerusalem time (11:00-13:00 EST)


  • Maher Natsheh—President, Al-Najah National University. “Welcoming remarks”
  • Rima Salah, PhD—Chairperson of Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC). “Keynote speaker” 
  • Dr. James F. Leckman—Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine.  Co-founder and Executive Committee member, ECPC. “Early Childhood Development (ECD), neuroscience and COVID-19” (Toxic stress in action for children affected by conflict)
  • Dr. Ghassan Issa—Chairperson of Arab Resource Collective/Arab Network for Early Childhood Development (ANECD). Advisory Board member, ECPC. “ECD and COVID-19 in a conflict-zone region”
  • Dr. Umayyah Khammash—Director, Juzoor for Health and Social Development. “ECD and COVID-19 in Palestine” 
  • Dr. Josh Feder—Child and Family Psychiatry. “Reflections on work with children with developmental disorders under COVID-19. The experience with the Palestinian Child Institute”
  • Dr. Ali Shaar—Director, Palestinian Child Institute. Advisory Board member, ECPC. “Closing remarks”


  • Siobhán Fitzpatrick, CBE, MBA, MSSC, CQSW, BSc—Chairperson of the International Network on Peace Building for Young Children, and former Chief Executive Officer of Early Years – the organization for young children (N. Ireland). Co-founder and Executive Committee member, ECPC.

Speaker biographies

This year’s conference is hosted by the Palestinian Child Institute and Juzoor for Health and Social Development.

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