Early Childhood Development Advances The Culture of Peace: ECPC Conference Trailer

March 25, 2019

How we nurture and care for, teach and protect all our children matters, from generation to generation. 


On 29 November 2018, Queen’s University Belfast, Yale Child Study Center, UNICEF and the ECPC organized a conference at Yale University that featured world renowned experts who shared their stories and knowledge, based on new and groundbreaking evidence-based research in science and practice. Accomplishments of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) on the research, advocacy and communications agenda were shared that included the unveiling of the new ECPC background paper.

Represented are distinguished ECPC affiliated experts from Yale University, Queen’s University Belfast, the United Nations, UNICEF, Sesame Workshop, ACEV-Mother Child Education Foundation, IRIS-Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, and the NGO Committee on Migration.


This ECPC event was organized by and made possible with support from Queen’s University Belfast, Yale University, and UNICEF.

See on YouTube ► ECPC Conference Speaker Video Series  

Titles & Presenters

1. Welcome remarks. Pathways to peace: The transformative power of children and familes
  • Description: Welcoming remarks. Pathways to a more peaceful and sustainable world: The transformative power of children and families
  • Speaker: by James F Leckman, MD, PhD, Neison Harris Professor in the Yale Child Study Center and Professor of Pediatrics; Executive Cmte member of ECPC.
  • Biography: James F. Leckman, MD, PhD, is the Neison Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology at Yale University. For more than 20 years he served as the Director of Research for the Yale Child Study Center. Dr. Leckman is the author or co-author of over 450 original scientific articles.
  • Learn more: Visit Dr. Leckman at the Yale Child Study Center and Empathy for Peace.
2. IRIS - A message of unity, education and how children can lead us toward building peace in the world
  • by William Kneerim, Director of Employment and Education, Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS)
3. The ECPC Pledge to Action for Peace
  •  by Miss Lames Abdelrahman, IRIS Ambassador from The Sudan
4. Building a world of peace: The promise of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)
  • by Rima Salah, PhD / Chair, ECPC; Assistant Clinical Professor in the Yale Child Study Center; Former Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF
5. Building brains, building futures
  • by Keynote, Pia Rebello Britto, PhD; Chief and Senior Advisor Early Childhood Development, UNICEF
6a, b. Supporting the development of ECD programs for peacebuilding: Experiences from the NIHR Global Health Research Group
  • 6a. Overview

    • by Paul Connolly, PhD / Professor of Education and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise at Queen’s University Belfast
    • and, Sarah Miller, PhD / Associate Professor of Educations at Queen’s University Belfast
  • 6b. NIHR delegation panel discussion

    • Moderated by Laura Dunne, PhD / Associate Professor of Education at Queen’s University Belfast
    • Panel:
      • Jaoa da Costa, MBA (Timor-Leste)
      • Chinargul Dzhumagulova, MD (Kyrgyzstan)
      • Hein Thi Thu Phan, MD (Vietnam)
      • Inas Hegazi, PhD (Egypt)
      • Jamshed Kurbonov, MSSW (Tajikistan)
      • Isaaka Sagara, MD (Mali)
7. Helping children flourish: From generation to generation
  • Linda Mayes, MD / Arnold Gesell Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology in the Yale Child Study Center; Chair, Yale Child Study Center; Special Advisor, Dean, Yale School of Medicine
8. Sesame Street in refugee and host communities: The promise of early childhood development
  • by Keynote, Sherrie Rollins Westin, President Global Impact and Philanthropy, Sesame Workshop
9. Paving a road to hope: Time for action for protect migrant and refugee children’s rights, particularly the right to early childhood development
  • by Maria Pia Belloni Mignati, MA, Chair of the NGO Committee on Migration; UN main representative of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP), Former Professor of Europen Union Law and Political Science, University of Pavia, Italy
10. Biosocial research on stress and resilience
  • by Catherine Panter-Brick, PhD / Professor Anthropology, Health, and Global Affairs, Yale MacMillan Center; Director of the Program on Conflict, Resilience, and Health, and the Program on Stress and Family Resilience, Yale University
11. Knowledge brokering: Translating research into policy and practice
  • Chaired by Angelica Ponguta, PhD, MPH / Associate Research Scientist in the Yale Child Study Center
  • Chelsea Donaldson, MS / Data and Research Manager at Empatico
  • Suna Hanoz-Penny, MA / Director of International Programs at ACEV - Mother Child Education Foundation, Turkey
  • Friedrich Affolter, EdD, Education Expert for Risk-informed Programming at UNICEF NY PgM Division
12. Some thoughts from the “Front Lines” of early childhood
  • by Carla Horwitz, MS, Dip. Ed, EdD / Lecturer in Education Studies, Yale College; Director Emerita, Calvin Hill day Care and Kity Lustman-Findling Kindergarten
13. Leveraging the Web to harness the energies of love
  • by Franz Joseph Hartl, JD / University Webmaster for Yale
14. Building ‘The Culture of Peace’: Call for transformative action
  • by Keynote, H.E. Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Founder of the Global Movement for The Culture of Peace;  Former UN Under-Secretary General; High Representative to the United Nations

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