Terror and Hope: Science fueled by compassion. Trailer (ft. Catherine Panter-Brick, ECPC member)

December 1, 2021

Ron Borke Films

ENG /2:11 minutes (Trailer)

“Terror and Hope” Recipient of the HUMANITARIAN AWARD - Immigration Film Festival, Washington DC

“Terror and Hope offers a unique window into the impact of war on children fleeing the brutal Syrian civil war (in fact all wars).  As our cameras join the Yale, Harvard and Hashemite University researchers in Jordan’s refugee camps and communities, we witness the role that science is playing to mitigate one of our planet’s most intractable social problems – the forced displacement of entire populations due to war and famine. Toxic stress is stress that’s so severe, prolonged, or frequent that it can damage a child’s developing brain - affecting mental and physical health, functionality, and behavior over a lifespan.” More… 

This film follows research by top scientists from Yale, Harvard and Hashemite Universities.

►Watch the full length documentary on Kanopy

►For more information, visit  ronbourkefilms.com/terror-and-hope► 


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