Learning for Peace: Sara’s Story - Peace Building in Education

May 31, 2016

“The conflict between our communities had poisoned everything. School should have been the one place we could all belong… but even here, we were still divided. But somewhere along the way, something began to happen… “

Sara’s story illustrate the role that education can play to building peace in conflict-affected context. Filmed with the support of the Gombe and Mukenza Communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the film give an overview of the UNICEF Learning for Peace Program which has impacted the lives of over 2 million children and community members in West and Central Africa since 2012.

Discover the story of Jeanette, the 14-year old girl living in the Tanganyika province, DRC who performed Sara’s role in the video.

For more information, visit Learning for Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

5:10 English


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