Keeping the Promise: Leave No One Behind! Social Protection Responses to Forcibly Displaced Children (CSocD62)

February 8, 2024


Over 40 million children are currently displaced within their own countryor elsewhere in the world. Short-term humanitarian programs are notwell suited to protect them and there are major gaps in coverage of national protection systems. A comprehensive social protection package, starting with early childhood and using new technologies, has the potential to reduce poverty, increase opportunities, foster resilience, as well as support social cohesion, by preventing tensions between displaced and host communities. (See video metadata .)


  • Suna Hanoz-Penney (Moderator). Director of International Programs, AÇEV; Member ECPC Executive CMTE
  • Mercedes Mayol Lassalle. President, World OMEP
  • Divya Lata. Education Specialist-ECE, UNICEF HQ
  • Hiro Yoshikawa. Co-Director, Global Ties for Children Center at NYU-ECPC; Member ECPC Research Division
  • Sherrie Westin. President, Sesame Workshop; Member ECPC Advisory Board
  • Marciana Popescu. Professor, Fordham Graduate School of Social Work


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