Minding the baby a reflective parenting program.

TitleMinding the baby a reflective parenting program.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsSlade, Arietta, Lois Sadler, Cheryl De Dios-Kenn, Denise Webb, Janice Currier-Ezepchick, and Linda Mayes
PubMed ID16649676

Minding the Baby, an interdisciplinary, relationship based home visiting program, was initiated to help young, at-risk new mothers keep their babies (and themselves) “in mind” in a variety of ways. The intervention–delivered by a team that includes a nurse practitioner and clinical social worker–uses a mentalization based approach; that is, we work with mothers and babies in a variety of ways to develop mothers’ reflective capacities. This approach–which is an adaptation of both nurse home visiting and infant-parent psychotherapy models–seems particularly well suited to highly traumatized mothers and their families, as it is aimed at addressing the particular relationship disruptions that stem from mothers’ early trauma and derailed attachment history. We discuss the history of psychoanalytically oriented and attachment based mother-infant intervention, the theoretical assumptions of mentalization theory, and provide an overview of the Minding the Baby program. The treatments of two teenage mothers and their infants are described.

Title Minding the baby a reflective parenting program.
Publication Title Psychoanal Study Child
Publication Type Journal Article
Published Year 2005
Authors A. Slade; L. Sadler; C. De Dios-Kenn; D. Webb; J. Currier-Ezepchick; L. Mayes
ISSN Number 0079-7308
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