Kyle King

Kyle King

Chair, ECPC Youth Working Group
Research Assistant Yale OCD Research Clinic + PittLab Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit


Kyle King is a 22-year old mental health advocate from the United States. Kyle first began advocacy with the International OCD Foundation in eighth grade after being diagnosed with OCD himself. Around the same time, Kyle began volunteering with UNICEF, energized by the mission to increase access to education for children everywhere. Over the years, he has grown in both organizations. He has served two terms as a UNICEF USA National Council member and one as a Global Youth Advocate for UNICEF USA. In addition, Kyle is one of the senior National Advocate with the International OCD Foundation, having received the 2022 Hero award for his dedication to this community. More recently, Kyle has become interested in early childhood development and, in particular, highlighting the importance of the early years of life to young people around the globe. He hopes that, through the ECPC, he can help create a more peaceful world for all children to grow up in.

Launch of the ECPC Youth Working Group

Kyle King serves as inaugural Chairperson for the ECPC Youth Working Group (YWG), launched in January 2024. Recognizing the critical need for engaging youth more purposefully, the purpose of this Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) working group is to increase youth involvement in the Consortium’s work and, in so doing, contribute to the collaborative role of ECPC in promoting a more peaceful world through early childhood development (ECD). Members of the YWG will help implement and operate means of meaningful youth engagement, creating systems by which youth interested in ECD may not only aid in advancing the SDGs but also form early bonds with the changemakers of tomorrow. A pilot mentor/mentoree program will first be conducted in year one of the YWG. Based on the outcome of this pilot, future opportunities for interested youth will be publicly announced in successive years. 
  1. Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC). (2023). Webinar: ‘BIG THINK’ The power and potential of youth advocacy to build peace.  Hosted by Dr. Kyle D. Pruett and Kyle King. See:…
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