Technology delivery platforms for early childhood development

Serious little boy works carefully on a laptop.
Serious little boy works carefully on a laptop. © Nmedia | Dreamstime Images


The rise of mobile communications technology in LMICs is creating new opportunities to expand access to reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH) information and services using cell phones and other devices. Mobile health (mHealth) innovations support health service functions such as health promotion, emergency medical response, data collection, point-of-care diagnostics, and clinical guidance. Delivery modes include short-messageservice (SMS), voice calls, and smartphone applications equipped with audiovisual tools. Most RMNCH interventions have focused on the antenatal period, although mHealth innovations are relevant across the continuum of care. 
From Web Appendix 7: Technology Delivery Platforms for Early Childhood Development (ECD), by Kristy Hackett, Kristin Connor & Daniel W Sellen University of Toronto, Canada

(Supplement to: Britto P R, Lye S J, Proulx K, et al, for the Lancet Early Childhood Development Series Steering Committee. Nurturing care: promoting early childhood development. Lancet 2016; published online Oct 4.)

Complete appendix reference list (pp 2–31)

Reprinted from The Lancet, Vol 389; Authors: Kristy Hackett, Kristin Connor & Daniel W Sellen; Supplementary Appendix to Nurturing care: Promoting early childhood development. Pages 29-31, Copyright (2017), with permission from Elsevier.  


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