Our 5-point Global Call to Action

invest in the implementation of early child development strategies as a foundation for peace and security, social justice and SOCIAL COHESION.

Five-point Global Call to Action

1. Reaffirm

Reaffirm commitment to human rights and the rights of children that are being undermined during the global pandemic crisis. 

2. Prioritise

► Prioritise investment in the survival, development and protection of children living in situations of conflict, military occupation, and displacement.

3. Protect

► Protect and prioritise investments in Early Childhood  Development programmes and services in the global pandemic response and recovery efforts.

4. Ensure

► Ensure that gender equality, inclusion and empowerment of children,  parents/caregivers, families and communities be at the centre  of COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.

5. Implement

► Implement more effective and inclusive policies and practices in all countries,  ensuring that early childhood programmes and services are essential in promoting The Culture of Peace (UN Resolution /RES/74/21) and in sustaining peace. 

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