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Father and his two children engage in artwork (Turkey).
Father and his two children engage in artwork (Turkey). © Ahmet, AÇEV-- Mother Child Education Foundation


Building a good future begins with early childhood. Children develop most rapidly in their earliest years and supportive environment is crucial in this period. AÇEV— Mother Child Education Foundation aims to support children in these most formative years to give them a right start to life.

Since its establishment in 1993, AÇEV’s mission has been to make a lasting contribution to society by supporting the development of children and their environments through education starting from early years.

Spanning early childhood, parenting, and adult literacy, AÇEV’s training programs target all stages of human development and all members of the family from early childhood to parenthood.

AÇEV has partnered with the Blue Butterfly Collaborate and First6Years to develop the following early childhood development educational media programs.

Blue Butterfly Collaborative

Transforming children’s media for international development

Video | LAKOU KAJOU–Emisyon tele pou timoun ann Ayiti (2:56)

Lakou Kajou is an innovative educational media program for young Haitian children and their families. The show features animated brother-sister twins Lili & Tilou, whose adventures in and around their family’s lakou (courtyard) form the foundation for lessons in literacy, science, problem solving and other skills. (See

Video | Tsehai Loves Learning - DVD Volume 2 - Truthfulness Preview - Episode 1 (0:57)

Designed and produced in Haiti by Muska Group with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Lakou Kajou promotes Kreyol literacy, numeracy, and other curricular skills in an engaging, uniquely Haitian context. (See


Video | First 6 Years App 3 (1:02) (Turkish w/ English subtitles)

First6Years” app (Turkish) has reached 350,000+ users since its launch in 2014. The app provides up-to-date information on child development and suggestions for parent-child activities. Available via Google Play and the iTunes Store, the app provides practical and immediate support for all families through push notifications, an easy-to-use interface, and a web portal. Information is supported with multimedia, including videos by our partner, Harvard Center on the Developing Child. The app is being translated into Arabic for Syrian refugee population’s access, through partnership with UNICEF Turkey Web Based Literacy Program’ is designed to reach parents and adults seeking to improve their literacy skills. It is the only free adult learning online platform in Turkey and contains 5,500 exercises. The program supports and empowers families, especially women who have had no access to learning opportunities.


Suna Hanoz-Penny serves as Expert Consultant to the ECPC. She is International Programs Director at the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV).

Yasemin Sirali serves on the ECPC Executive Committee. She is Director of Ozyegin Social Investments, a network of institutions including the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), Husnu Ozyegin Foundation (HMOV), Iz Child Centers, and Ozyegin University based in Turkey

Ayla Göksel serves as Advisor to the ECPC. She is CEO of Özyeğin Social Investments, a network of non-profit organizations, including AÇEV (Mother-Child Education Foundation), Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation and Iz Child and has over twenty years of experience in education programs, policy and infrastructure impacting 1.5 million people across Turkey with award winning programs implemented in 14 other countries. 

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