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Happy African school children show their support for UNICEFs PBEA program.
Happy African school children show their support for UNICEFs PBEA program. © Courtesy UNICEF_UNI181989_Rich


As a member of the NIHR Global Health Research Group, UNICEF Early Childhood Development, in partnership with H&M Foundation is providing the programme venues where the forthcoming Social Cohesion and Integration Measurement Frameworks will be pilot-tested, in collaboration with Ministries, communities and national academic institutions. The UNICEF team including respective in-country offices, will draw upon their expertise to support the six research teams in developing culturally-sensitive and context-relevant measures for the core child development and carer outcomes identified. 

The purpose of on-site visits to each of the six countries over this first nine months of the grant is to:

  • meet with colleagues from the respective UNICEF Country Office;
  • meet the three in-country researchers that have been recruited to join our NIHR Group network;
  • gather information and increase awareness of the local context and key issues and challenges related to ECD and peacebuilding;
  • encourage further initial work in relation to identifying and agreeing a focus for the ECD; and
  • develop a programme and schedule of work.


Pia Rebello Britto, Ph.D., serves as ECPC Vice Chair. She is Global Chief and Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Development, UNICEF, New York Headquarters.  She is Adjunct Faculty in the Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine.  

Friedrich Affolter, Ed.D., serves as Secretary to the ECPC. He is an Education Expert for Risk-Informed Programming at the Education-in-Emergency and Early Childhood Development Units in UNICEF NY Program Division.


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