Engaging fathers in early childhood development programs

Happy father and young daughter share a hug.
Happy father and young daughter share a hug. © Ajphotos | Dreamstime Images


Paternal engagement in intervention, prevention and research efforts to improve the wellbeing of young children lags far behind in its potential to improve child and family outcomes at a global level. In Practitioner Review: Engaging fathers –recommendations for a game change in parenting interventions based on a systematic review of the global evidence (Panter-Brick et al, 2015 and Pruett) successful programs are highlighted that have positively engaged fathers in a variety of cultural and ethnic settings that have elevated child health, educational and behavioral outcomes. ACEV— Mother Child Education FoundationSupporting Father Involvement, Fatherhood Institute in the UK, and Promundo  include productive and helpful resources for programs wishing to address this oversight in their community and scientific approaches to addressing this programmatic vulnerability.

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