Breaking the silence on childhood violence

Young girl looks away as she holds up her hand to stop childhood violence.
Young girl looks away as she holds up her hand to stop childhood violence. © Katsiaryna Shut | Dreamstime Images


Know Violence in Childhood is a global learning initiative that serves to fill in the information gap by providing comprehensive understanding of the causes and consequences of violence in childhood, and the means of prevention, to help shift global attitudes and enable children and adults to lead more secure and peaceful lives. The initiative’s widely acclaimed publications, useful to policy makers and practitioners, include its flagship annual report, papers and articles, evidence highlights, and an annotated bibliography. In 2017, Know Violence in Childhood commissioned a 15-paper special issue in journal, Psychology, Health and Medicine

Video (Eng) | Know Violence in Childhood - An Introduction (8:31)

Narrating and sharing traumatic experiences in safe, supportive settings helps children and adults organize fragmented sensory and emotional memories. Psychosocial interventions contribute to peacebuilding in violence-affected children through symptom focused efforts to alleviate psychosocial distress, a resilience enhancing approach that focuses on the importance of positive and compensatory experiences, and lastly, by integrating mental health and peace promotion as an integral part in group and individual treatments. 

Video (Eng) | Break the Silence on Childhood Violence (4:03)


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