What is peace psychology the psychology of ?

Peace psychology emerged as a distinct area of research and practice during the Cold War, when the preeminent concern was the prevention of nuclear war. Now global in scope, the focal concerns of peace psychologists are nuanced by geohistorical contexts and the distinction between episodic violence and structural violence, the latter of which also kills people, albeit slowly through the deprivation of basic need satisfaction. Accordingly, the focal concerns of contributors to this issue vary depending on geohistorical context: some being primarily concerned with patterns of behavior and cognition involved in the prevention of violent episodes and others with the amelioration of structural violence. A systems perspective is used as a framework for integrating episodes and structures of violence and peace. Articles emphasizing “systemic violence” demonstrate the interplay between structures and episodes of violence. Articles on “systemic peacebuilding” examine intergroup contact, the nonviolent management of conflict, and movement toward socially just structures, thereby yielding an increase in cooperative and equitable relationships across levels, from interpersonal to intergroup.

Title What is peace psychology the psychology of ?
Publication Title Journal of Social IssuesJournal of Social Issues
Publication Type Journal Article
Published Year 2006
Authors D.J. Christie
Accession Number WOS:000235356300001
Number 1
ISBN Number 0022-4537
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