Empathy Conversations “Empathy, Youth & Peacebuilding” (guests, ECPC affiliates)

March 23, 2021

Empathy Confersations: Videocast 04

Special guests:


Empathy Conversations is a videocast hosted by Empathy for Peace Founder, Haifa Staiti and discusses topics related to the role of empathy in addressing the challenges facing our world today. Each episode interviews one or more empathy expert(s) in  issues such as conflict transformation, racism and discriminations, public adherence to health measures, impact of the Covid19 pandemic on children,  empathy and spirituality and may others.” 

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  1. Empathy Conversations Episode 01- Empathy and Conflict Transformation
  2. Empathy Conversations Episode 02- Empathy and Racism
  3. Empathy Conversations Episode 03- Empathy and Covid-19


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