Education under Attack 2020 Full Video

July 9, 2020
Education under Attack 2020 looks at targeted and indiscriminate attacks on students, teachers, academics, schools and universities during armed conflict or insecurity.
GCPEA compiled over 11,000 reports of attacks on education or military use of educational facilities globally between 2015 and 2019. These incidents harmed over 22,000 students, teachers, and education personnel.
Attacks on education include bombing and burning schools and universities, and killing, maiming, raping, abducting, arbitrarily arresting, and recruiting students and educators at, or en route to and from, educational institutions by armed forces, other state actors, or armed groups, during armed conflict or insecurity.
Attacks on education were reported in 93 countries globally; the report profiles 37 of the most affected.
3:37 / Eng captions


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