Sascha Hein

Sascha Hein

Co-Chair ECPC Research Working Group
Professor of Education & Psychology

Sascha Hein, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Education and Psychology at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. His research takes a life-course approach to understanding the development of individuals who struggle with precarious circumstances and face social marginalization. Dr. Hein uses multilevel, multimethod approaches to examine the impact of formal (e.g., Western-style schooling) and informal (e.g., family and community apprenticeship) learning on child and adolescent development in countries such as Zambia and Saudi Arabia. Another focus of his work is the mechanisms and biological bases that link parenting and offspring’s long-term psychological adjustment, with an emphasis on epigenetic mechanisms (e.g., DNA methylation). Recently, he focused his work on the development of children and families growing up in crisis-affected, humanitarian, and marginalized contexts, and the impact of parent programs on these hard-to-reach populations. He joined the Free University of Berlin in 2019 after holding positions at the University of Houston, Yale University, and the Goethe University (Germany).

Select bibliography 

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See Dr Hein’s complete bibliograpy on Research Gate.

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