Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

Executive Cmte Member
Associate Professor of Education

Sarah Miller, PhD is an Associate Professor of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. She is a member of the Core Delivery Team of the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Early Childhood Development for Peacebuilding and is responsible for leading the Group’s work in Mali and Vietnam. Sarah is also the Deputy Director of the Campbell UK & Ireland center. She is a Developmental Psychologist with expertise in program evaluation and evidence synthesis.

Her research revolves around three inter-related themes: Social emotional development, academic attainment and programme evaluation. Within this, her particular interest is in the development of prosocial behaviour in pre-school and primary school children as well as literacy and numeracy progression more generally. She has designed, conducted and published over 25 large-scale studies, which have included: simple and cluster randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, quasi-experimental evaluations and cross sectional surveys.

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