Nature and nurture in own-race face processing.

A standard visual preference task was used to examine 3-month-olds’ looking times at own-race versus other-race faces as a function of environmental exposure to faces from the two categories. Participants were Caucasian infants living in a Caucasian environment, African infants living in an African environment, and African infants living in a predominantly Caucasian environment. The results indicate that preference for own-race faces is present as early as 3 months of age, but that this preference results from exposure to the prototypical facial environment.

Title Nature and nurture in own-race face processing.
Publication Title Psychol Sci
Publication Type Journal Article
Published Year 2006
Authors Y. Bar-Haim; T. Ziv; D. Lamy; R.M. Hodes
ISSN Number 0956-7976
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