The impact of homelessness on children

TitleThe impact of homelessness on children
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsRafferty, Y., and M. Shinn
This article reviews and critiques community-based research on the effects of homelessness on children. Homeless children confront serious threats to their ability to succeed and their future well-being. Of particular concern are health problems, hunger, poor nutrition, developmental delays, anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and educational underachievement. Factors that may mediate the observed outcomes include inadequate shelter conditions, instability in residences and shelters, inadequate services, and barriers to accessing services that are available. Public policy initiatives are needed to meet the needs of homeless children.
Title The impact of homelessness on children
Publication Title Am Psychol
Publication Type Journal Article
Published Year 1991
Authors Y. Rafferty; M. Shinn
Accession Number 1772154
Number 11
ISBN Number 0003-066X (Print)<br/>0003-066X (Linking)
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