Ghassan Issa, MD

Co-founder and Coordinator
Advisory Board Member
Arab Resource Collective (ARC)

Dr. Ghassan Issa is the co-founder and general coordinator of the Arab Resource Collective (ARC). Since 1988, Dr. Issa has worked to improve childhoods, health, and community development in the Arab region. His dedication to early childhood development is clear through his numerous leadership roles. From being an active member of the Lebanese Pediatrics Society to serving as the Senior Advisor of National Strategy for Early Childhood Development for the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, Dr. Issa has made a profound difference on the lives on children.

  • Co-founder and the General Coordinator of an Arab regional non-governmental organization, The Arab Resource Collective (ARC) that was established in 1988 for better childhood, Health for all and community development in the Arab region
  • International Pediatric Association (IPA), Technical Advisory Committee on Early Childhood Development
  • International Developmental Pediatrics Association board member
  • Director of the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development
  • Chairperson of the Lebanese National Certification Committee on Poliomyelitis Eradication and Measles and German Measles control
  • Senior Advisor of National Strategy for Early Childhood Development for the Higher Council of Childhood of the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Middle East and North Africa Health Policy Forum member
  • Served in the Pediatrics department of the Faculty of medicine of the Lebanese University
  • Served in the People’s Health Movement (PHM) Global Secretariat Committee, and Co-founder of its MENA region chapter
  • Served in the Lebanese Pediatrics Society as its General Secretary and chief editor of its periodic newsletter
  • Served in the Continuous Medical Education committee of the Lebanese Syndicate of Physicia
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