WEBINAR | Young children amidst COVID-19: Practical ECD strategies for the most vulnerable young children and their families

Date & Time: 
Monday, April 13, 2020 - 2:00am
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This webinar focuses on the most disadvantaged young children and their families at a time when governments enforce strict measures to stop the spread of the corona virus and what we might learn from partners implementing practical ECD strategies targeting

  • children with special needs;
  • children of migrant workers in urban centres; and
  • children in ethnic, rural, peri-urban and urban communities.

The speakers and topics are found below:

  1. Dr. Sheldon Shaeffer, Chair, ARNEC Board of Director - Perspectives on the impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable young children and their families
  2. Dr. Yvonne Becher, Chief Executive, Child Development Centre, Hong Kong - Serving young children with special needs and their families amidst COVID-19
  3. Ms.Sumitra Mishra, Executive Director, Mobile Creches, India - ECD interventions for young children of migrant families and construction workers in urban cities of India
  4. Ms. Joy Sampang and Ms. Catherine Manzano, Save the Children, Philippines- Distance learning approaches for young children of ethnic, rural, peri-urban, and urban families in the Philippines

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