WEBINAR | Least responsible – First affected | The impact of climate change on vulnerable populations in developing countries & children as agents of change

Date & Time: 
Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 3:15pm
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Children will bear the brunt of the consequences of climate change directly and indirectly. In a continent like Africa and in developing countries, the impacts of climate challenges present pivotal threats to their sustainable development. 
Young people’s voices and buy-in are essential to make climate action work. Children and young people have the power to inform on what they are experiencing, on being part of the solutions of their future, what solutions are working and to promote environmentally sustainable lifestyles – setting an example for their communities and beyond. 


  • Monica Silvana Gonzalez (S&D), Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur of the European Parliament Report on “The impact of climate change on vulnerable populations”
  • Saskia Bricmont (LIBE), Member of the European Parliament, Co-Chair of the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights, Rapporteur of the opinion
  • Catherine Chabaud (Renew Europe), Member of the European Parliament, Development Committee (DEVE) 
  • Gautam Narasimhan, UNICEF Senior Advisor, Climate, Environment, Resilience & Peace
  • Carla Montesi, EC , Director   Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development, Planet and Prosperity.
  • Testimonies from two young activists from Africa

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