WEBINAR | Harnessing Global Data for Young Children

Date & Time: 
Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 8:30am
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Harnessing Global Data for Young Children brings together researchers, policymakers and implementers to leverage the power of global data to advance young children’s learning and development.
The @GlobalData4Kids Project — led by the Universities of Oxford and the Witwatersrand — is launching their first public webinar, hosted by ECDAN.
Presentations will focus on available data on young children from low and middle-income countries to enable stakeholders to improve early development, learning and pre-primary education through better understanding of determinants of and risks to children’s development, economic consequences and policy and legal frameworks to address them.

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Webinar topics:

• The need for better global data across the period of early childhood.
• Challenges in measuring participation in pre-primary education.
• Measuring Early Childhood Development in household surveys: A synthesis of internationally comparable data.
• Data on financing ECD and ECE.
• Economic Costs of preschool closures due to COVID-19.
• How data can be used to advance human rights law for young.
• Data on policies to support children and families.


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