WEBINAR | Family Literacy in the Time of COVID-19: Impacts Now and Moving Forward

Date & Time: 
Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 10:00am
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Sponsored by Women’s Federation for World Peace, International


This webinar will offer guidance to participants (especially practitioners, caregivers and especially teachers) around the world, who are working with families who have lost loved ones, and whose lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our focus will be on how families have responded to other catastrophes, and on what we can do right now to support families whose lives have been changed forever by the deadly impact of COVID-19 on all human societies.
We welcome you and encourage you to join us as we explore the many ways we can support families and make a difference in the world. Together we will explore the opportunities we all have to both re-imagine existing family literacy initiatives, and to create new ones that directly engage families with other families to work together.
The activities that will be presented are based on first-hand experiences of being a first responder, and are designed to create opportunities for participants to develop new insights and approaches to establishing local family literacy initiatives that could lead to global risk reduction.


-Keynote Presentation, Denny Taylor, Ed.D
-Discussion, Dr. Denny Taylor, Ed.D and Mrs. Alexa Ward
-Question/Answer Session

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