WEBINAR | COVID-19 and Parent and Caregiver Support in Emergencies

Date & Time: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 9:00am
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Time: 09:00 (EST) | 15:00 (CET) | 16:00 (EAT) | 18:30 (IST) | 21:00 (CST)
Duration: 90 minutes


Young children, especially those facing COVID-19 and existing humanitarian situations such as conflict or natural disasters, are facing a double emergency, making it even more difficult for them to survive and thrive. Research illustrates that responsive caregiving/playful parenting is a critical element of what young children need. Yet, parents and caregivers now face additional burdens of childcare, home schooling and more. There are many models for supporting parents and caregivers so they can help their young children survive and thrive.

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