WEBINAR | Challenges and Opportunities in Supporting Early Childhood Development in Crisis Contexts

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Monday, October 4, 2021 - 9:00am to 2:00pm
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Millions of children are born in conflict-affected settings each year. While conflict and displacement can have severe effects on young children’s brain development and long-term health, learning and well-being, early childhood development (ECD) services, including early childhood education (ECE), can play a powerful role in mitigating and protecting against the most harmful impacts of compounding adversity. To highlight the challenges and opportunities for supporting early childhood development in contexts of crisis, the INEE ECD Task Team is hosting a webinar highlighting three important recent contributions:

  • An analysis of Early Childhood Development in Humanitarian Standards and Guidance Documents conducted by Lucy Bassett and colleagues at the University of Virginia Humanitarian Collaborative and commissioned by The Moving Minds Alliance (presenter: Lucy Bassett)
  • A global stock-taking survey, scoping review, and lessons learned from an ECD-EiE sector-wide analysis in the Colombian context conducted by Angelica Ponguta and colleagues at Yale University (presenters: Angelica Ponguta and Lucero Ramirez)
  • A report on ways to strengthen support for Early Childhood Education Teachers in Refugee Settings led by Maysa Jalbout and Katy Bullard at Theirworld (presenter: Maysa Jalbout and featuring a brief video of Remie Rhayem from the Lebanese NGO Ana Aqra) 

The hour-long webinar will be moderated by Bonita Birungi from ELMA Philanthropies and will include brief presentations on each of the three featured reports highlighting key findings and practical recommendations to inform actions and future opportunities. We will also reserve time for Q&A and discussion.


  • Lucy Bassett, Associate Professor of Practice of Public Policy, University of Virginia Humanitarian Collaborative
  • Angelica Ponguta, Research Faculty at Yale Child Study Center, Expert Consultant Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)
  • Lucero Ramirez, Consultant, NYU Global TIES for Children
  • Maysa Jalbout, Consultant, Theirworld 
  • Remie Rhayem, Program Manager, Ana Aqra in Lebanon


  • Bonita Birungi, Director of Program, ELMA Philanthropies East Africa

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