WEBINAR | Caring for the Caregivers. A Path Towards Playful Parenting

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 8:00am
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The Caring for the Caregiver programme aims to build front-line workers’ skills in strengths-based counselling to increase caregivers’ confidence and help them develop stress management, self-care and conflict-resolution skills to support their emotional well-being. The programme integrates well-established evidence on the impact of the programs supporting emotional wellbeing and mental health of the caregivers by translating these in practical tools and a set of activities that encourage self-care, family engagement, relationship building and social support.

Why join this webinar:

• Learn about the how the wellbeing of caregivers and families and the wellbeing and the outcomes of the child are intertwined, and why play and playful parenting are key for caregivers’ mental health and for the prevention of adverse childhood experiences
• Get acquainted with the Caring for the Caregiver program and its global implementation in different country contexts
• Gain better understanding how nurturing interpersonal relationships between frontline workers and caregivers could provide a unique experience for some caregivers and enable them to discover their capacities, and connect with their environment
• Get insights into the efforts that UNICEF Serbia, in a broad partnership with diverse stakeholders, is making to improve the wellbeing of caregivers and families, and how an intersectoral approach can bridge the gap between different community support resources and the families in need
• Listen to the experience of the frontline workers implementing the program and learn about the benefits for families and children and professionals
• Get inspired and engaged in providing psychosocial support to caregivers and families and applying the “3C“ formula: Care and Connect to Cope

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