INTL WEBINAR | PazCiencia “The Science of Peace”

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Saturday, December 5, 2020 - 10:30am to 3:00pm
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This webinar will feature top world scientists (including ECPC member Dr. James Leckman) whose collective research contributes to the understanding of how nurturing care and services in early childhood can directly influence the building of more peaceful societies. Their work focuses on the developing brain, both in health and illness, as well as why the establishment of healthy bonds and relationships during the early years can help a child develop empathy towards others.

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  • Our Spanish acronym “PazCiencia” means both “Patience” and “Science of Peace”.
  • The meaning of Patience is quite similar in Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic and English: it refers to our ability to wait quietly or face rejection or delay, to bear calmly and with self-control adverse, frustrating, upsetting situations. 
  • The Hebrew word, “savlanut”, suggests an even more primal feeling one experiences when being patient: suffering.
  • The Arabic word, “sabr”, means refraining ourselves from complaining or despairing in times of grief.
  • Being able to tolerate the emotional pain of growing up, developing and being human through the establishment of primary healthy bonds and relationships, understanding, acceptance and empathy for others could be a roadmap to “peace of mind” and subsequently to peace among ourselves.
  • Along with other organizations around the world, we attempt to gather the best scientific minds from the several fields that could contribute to the understanding of the myriad factors that could lead to Peace as a final common pathway in human development, both individually and globally.
  • Mental health is at the core of this interdisciplinary field.
  • The eminent scholars participating in this international webinar have devoted their professional lives to the study of the mental functions of our developing brain, both in health and illness. 
  • Their knowledge and teachings give peace a chance.


James Leckman, M.D. Ph.D. - Yale University, USA - ECPC co-founder.
“Pathways to a more peaceful and sustainable world: The transformative power of children in families.”
“Caminos hacia un mundo más pacífico y sustentable: el poder transformativo de los niños en sus familias”.
Ruth Feldman, Ph.D.- Interdisciplinary Center, Israel - Yale University.
“The Neurobiology of Love and Hate”
“La Neurobiología del Amor y el Odio”.
Ami Klin, Ph.D.  - Marcus Autism Center, Emory University, USA.
“Imagining a better world for vulnerable children: lessons from developmental science”
“Imaginando un mundo mejor para los niños vulnerables: lecciones desde las ciencias del desarrollo”
Andres Martin, M.D., MPH - Yale University, USA.
“Peace of mind: we are more similar than different”
“Paz mental: somos más parecidos que diferentes”
Patricio Fischman, M.D., MPH - Yale University - Fundación Fundamental Chile 
Organizer & Moderator
Organizador y moderador

Register for this free event.

This webinar will be broadcast simultaneously from Chile, the USA and Israel. 
You can register (no fee) and participate from wherever you are in the world.
Este seminario será transmitido en simultáneo desde Chile, Estados Unidos e Israel.
Puede inscribirse (sin costo) y participar desde cualquier parte del mundo.


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